What to expect in 2021

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I like to sit down at the end of each year and contemplate the opportunities that lie ahead. I truely believe that you need to project forward and seek what you want. There’s nothing stopping anybody from thinking ahead and being strategic about their decision making process.

With that in mind, here are some of my notes for 2021:

  1. Don’t predict the future, instead understand the boundaries
  2. What worked pre 2020 won’t necessarily work in the future
  3. Debt has never been this cheap, EVER
  4. Yields are compressing and investments that are anti-fragile will be the most desirable
  5. Income inequality will become a major theme in the next 5–10 years, governments will be punished if they don’t address it
  6. Who benefits most from a Covid vaccine and who suffers?
  7. Online shopping has probably peaked
  8. Energy is still a big global problem which needs to be solved

I discuss these and many other similar notes in my most recent podcast (featuring Steph Davies).

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