What I learnt in 2020

I recently sat down with our team to talk through all we’ve learned in 2020. It’s all about perspective. We think it’s tough because our frame of reference is different to what we have experienced.

Upon reflection — 2020 has probably been one of my favourite years. I’ve personally become stronger, wiser (maybe) and grown in humility.

We spent about an hour or so discussing our wins, losses and most importantly, lessons learnt.

Here’s a summary of my key takeouts:

1) Don’t predict the future
2) Surround yourself with great people
3) Optimism works
4) Appreciate everything
5) Fire forges steel
6) The financial system is design to reward those who take risk
7) Don’t over optimise
8) Never give up

You can listen to the episode on Spotify here:




Entrepreneur & Investor (peteresho.com)

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Peter Esho

Peter Esho

Entrepreneur & Investor (peteresho.com)

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